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Rummy Vip Apk Download Get ₹100 Bind Bonus

Hello Rummy Gamers Welcome to Rummytrick.com today we are discussing about Rummy Vip Apk Download Get ₹100 Bind Bonus you can make money by playing games and easily redeemed your winning amount in your Bank account Via UPI.

Rummy Vip Apk developed by Ahoy Games is listed under the category Board. Rummy Vip is the best board game ever made by Ahoy Games, creator of the most popular Turkish board game. You can download this application and earn good money every day by playing games.

Rummy Vip Apk

Rummy Vip Apk

This app has a great referral program where you can earn a 30% Tax commission for a lifetime. you may play games like Dragon Vs Tiger, Andar Bahar, 7 Up 7 Down, Poker Game, and more. you can easily transfer your winning amount to your bank account.

Rummy Vip Official

Play in your language – choose between English, Hindi, Gujarati, and Marathi, Rummy Vip is an offline, tile-based rummy game, where you can challenge yourself and develop your skills and intellect.

App Name Rummy Vip Apk
Rummy Vip Apk Download
Rummy Vip Sign-up Bonus ₹100
Rummy Vip Refer and Earn Up to ₹500 + 70% of friend’s tax amount

How To Download Rummy Vip Apk

Rummy Vip Game

DISCLAIMER:- This game involves financial risk. You may get addicted to this game. Therefore, all of you are requested to play this game on your own responsibility and at your own risk. If you are over 18 years old then you don’t play this game then you stay away from this game.

  • Install, and open the app on your mobile
  • Go to the dashboard and click the profile icon.

Rummy Vip App

  • Tap on the Bound option and enter your mobile number, password

Rummy Vip Apk Download

  • Then verify your OTP for further proceeding.
  • After registering your account you will get Rs.40 bonus in your wallet
  • Now play and win money.

How To Refer & Earn in Rummy Vip 

Rummy Vip Download

If you want money, you have to do such a simple and easy thing. You just need to have members under your link. When your members make their first deposit, you will get the agent bonus for each of them in this ratio.

You can earn unlimited money through the referral program. The most important thing is that you can transfer the money earned through the referral program to your bank account instantly.

Download Rummy Vip

  1. Open Rummy Vip Apk
  2. Go to Menu – Click on Refer and Earn
  3. Share your Rummy Vip Referral Code
  4. Get Free Cash Rewards to Play Rummy Game
  5. Winning Amount Withdrawal into Bank Account & Paytm

Available List of Games on Rummy Vip

Rummy Vip App Official

Andar Bahar is a new entertainment game on the rummy vip platform. This is a very interesting game. You can enter the platform to have fun in your spare time. According to the funds allocated in your account, I wish you all a happy time in rummy

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VIP Membership in Rummy vip Apk

Rummy Vip App Download

So the Rummy Vip membership is full of rewards. And there isn’t just one VIP level but there are plenty levels and each level comes with its own benefits. But the most important is the VIP 1. Because when nyou become a VIP 1 user you will be able to claim weekly and daily bonus.

It is also the lowest costing. You just have to deposit ₹500.

VIP Program

Sign in Bonus: – You Can Get a Sign-up Bonus of 41.Rs After Binding Your Mobile Number.

Weekly Bonus:- Weekly Bonus Up to 10,0000 Rs In Between You earn in on Week one Lac to 2 Lac then You Get Extra one Lac Weekly Bonus.

Monthly Bonus: – Monthly program is seen in the same way as the weekly program, in which even if you cross level-2, then you can also get this bonus.

How to Add Money to Rummy Vip Apk

Rummy Vip Apk Official

  1. Open the Rummy Vip Apk and click Add Cash.
  2. Select the amount you want to add. On your first deposit, you will earn extra bonus on your deposit.
  3. Make the payment through any of the available methods.
  4. The amount will be reflected in your Rummy Vip wallet automatically.
  • If you recharge ₹ 1000 then you get 3% Extra Bonus.
  • If you recharge ₹ 3000 then you get Extra Bonus of 3.5%.
  • If you recharge ₹ 5000 then you get 4% Extra Bonus.
  • If you recharge ₹8000 then you get an Extra Bonus of 4.5%.
  • If you recharge ₹ 10,000 then you get 5% Extra Bonus.
  • If you recharge ₹30,000 then you get an Extra Bonus of 5.5%.
  • If you recharge ₹ 50,000 then you get an Extra Bonus of 6%.

How to Withdraw From Rummy Vip Apk

Download Rummy Vip App

If your withdrawal is approved it will be credited very quickly (1-30 minutes) ???? If your withdrawal is not approved! Please wait in line for approval, the withdrawal is successful within 24 hours

  1. Open the app and tap Withdraw.
  2. Select UPI or Bank.
  3. Enter your bank account/UPI details.
  4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  5. The amount will be reflected in your bank account within 5 minutes, but it can take up to 48 hours.

Rummy Vip Games

Adding a UPI Account:

  1. To begin, go to the Rummy Vip Apk Download and hit the Withdraw option.
  2. After that, click the Chip to UPI option. After that, select +UPI from the drop-down menu.
  3. You must first enter your User Name, and then fill out the UPI Address. Now you must click on the Save button.
  4. Your UPI account has been successfully added. You can use this to apply your Withdraw.

Rummy Vip Apk Download (FAQ):

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How Much is Sign-Up Bonus in Rummy Vip Apk

Sign Up Bonus Rs.100

What is the Minimum Withdrawal of Rummy Vip Apk?

The minimum Withdraw is Rs.100

What is the Maximum Withdrawal of Rummy Vip Apk ?

Not Mention In Application, Maybe Unlimited

How much is the Withdraw Fee in Rummy Vip Apk?

There is a withdrawal fee of 0% on each withdrawal in this app.

How many games are in the Rummy Vip Apk?

25+ games are available

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