Rummy 500 Apk Download-Get Rs.100 Refer Bonus

Rummy 500 Apk: Hello guys welcome to our site, let’s talk about today post, Royal Win App, Here you Get full Details of Rummy 500 Game, Rummy 500 Download Get ₹41 Bonus: Rummy 500. if You refer any Friend you will get Bonus Also. you can complete signing up with the Rummy 500 account.

in this Post, I will give you a review of the Rummy 500 website. Rummy 500 is a very famous earning App and website.

Rummy 500 Apk

Rummy 500 Apk is included in the list of top online money earning games. Please tell that this app was launched in December 2022 on the official website of Rummy. And today this app has been downloaded by million users.

By the way, you must have used many types of Rummy gaming applications. But today you can get information about Rummy 500 Apk Application through this article.

Rummy 500 Apk Download Now
Rummy 500 Sign-Up Bonus Rs41
Rummy 500 Refer & Earn Rs100

How to Download Rummy 500 Apk

This is Rummy 500 Apk One of the most popular games in India is Rummy. With the fantastic referral program offered by this game app, you can invite your friends and make money by doing so.

You can easily install this application by clicking on the download button given in the article and downloading it on your smartphone.

If you want to earn money from here by downloading Rummy 500 Apk, then you can download this game application in your phone by following the steps given below :-

  • If you want to download the Rummy 500 App APK file on your smartphone, then click on the button given below

  • Click On the Button Then Open Link And Enter Mobile Number Then Set Your Password.
  • Now Enter Verify Your Number With OTP.
  • Go To Teen Rummy 500 Login Page And Login in With your Number And Password.
  • Go To The Mine Section And Click On Recharge Button.
  • Enter Amount INR 100 Or More and Add Your Wallet Using UPI Payment.

How To SignUp Rummy 500 Apk 

You need to SinUp here to play the games in the app. You also get a bonus of Rs.41 here on SinUp. You can follow the option given below to SinUp.

When any application user downloads this application in his smartphone, and registers in it using his mobile number.


  • Open this Rummy 500 Apk.
  • Now click on the SinUp Button.
  • Now a new page will open in front of you where you will get Mobile number.
  • Then Set Your Password.
  • Now Enter Verify Your Number With OTP.
  • The account will be created as soon as it completes the option process.

Then he gets a registration bonus of ₹41. Using this bonus, you can increase your earnings by placing bets on the games offered in it. In the application, you get to see 23 different types of games. For more details you can read the full article.

Available Games in Rummy 500 Apk

Now as soon as you open this application, you will see a gaming section in it. Inside this section you will get to see 23 types of best games in the given list.

If you know how to play any one of these games well, then you can earn a lot of money. At present people are earning thousands of rupees every month by using the games given in this application.

Here Is The Games List That You Can Play In Teen Patti Queen Apk:-

  1. Dragon Tiger
  2. 7 Up Down
  3. Fifa 2022
  4. Best Of Fiv
  5. Zoo Roulette
  6. Teen Patti 20-20
  7. Rummy
  8. Teen Patti
  9. Variation
  10. Andar Bahar
  11. Ludo
  12. Crash
  13. 10 Cards
  14. Mine
  15. Car Roulette
  16. Roulette
  17. Black Jack
  18. Poker

How to Play Dragon vs Tiger in Rummy 500

Dragon Tiger is extremely simple to play. Two cards are dealt: one to the Dragon betting position on the table, and one to the Tiger betting position. The betting position that gets the higher card wins. As the player, you place your bets on the Dragon, the Tiger or the Tie.

First of all add 501 chips in your account.

Bet: 10₹
Bet: 30₹
Bet: 70₹
Bet: 150₹
Bet: 350₹
Bet: 800₹
Bet: 1700₹
Bet: 3600₹
you can choose “Dragon” or “Tiger” to place a bet.
Choose to bet “Tiger” bet amount: 10.
If the bet on “Tiger” does not win, the bet amount is selected: 30.
If the bet on “Tiger” does not win, choose the bet amount: 70.
If the bet on “Tiger” does not win, choose the bet amount: 150.
If the bet “Tiger” has won, modify the investment amount; bet 10 again.
If one of them, once you win, continue to choose 10 to bet again.

How to Play Andar Bahar in Rummy 500

Our Andar Bahar guide covers what you need to know to get started. That includes the rules, payouts, odds, side bets, variants, and more.Here are some of the reasons why we like playing Andar Bahar.

  • The probability of winning is approximately 50%.
  • All players have an equal chance of winning.
  • Both online and land-based casinos offer it.
  • The house edge is as low as 2.15%.
  • Andar Bahar is easy to learn.

you can choose “Andar” or “Bahar” to place a bet.
Choose to bet “Bahar” bet amount: 10Rs.
If the bet on “Bahar” does not win, the bet amount is selected: 30Rs.
If the bet on “Bahar” does not win, choose the bet amount: 70Rs.
If the bet on “Bahar” does not win, choose the bet amount: 150Rs.
If the bet “Bahar” has won, modify the investment amount; bet 10Rs again.
If one of them, once you win, continue to choose 10Rs to bet again.

7Up Down Game Play

The game is very simple, you just need luck (and, of course, a mobile phone with internet access). You can play Under/over 7 (also known as “7-up-7-down”) on the Lucky Games website, have fun and win.

If you choose to bet on the probability of a number greater than 7, you will win if the sum of the sides of the die is 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12.

If you decide to bet on numbers less than 7, you will win the sum of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. The third option, the riskiest, but the best reward, is to choose to put your money in a total of 7, with a 1:6 chance of giving up that number.

So, all in all, if you love to play dice and want to test your luck and win some (or a lot) of money, you can do it by choice.

This simple game is based on the probability that the sum of the sides of two dice is below, above or equal to the number 7. You can bet any amount at one of these three odds, only the maximum and minimum bet amounts are considered.

If your bet amount is Rs. 500 and you place in For 7 Down or 7 Up, you will get Rs. 500 as the winning amount (over 500 you bet).For Lucky 7, you will get Rs. 1000 as the winning amount (more than 500 by your bet).

How to Add Money on Rummy 500 Apk

Friends, if you want to earn maximum money with the help of this application, then for this you have to Add minimum ₹ 100 or maximum ₹ 10,000 in the wallet of Rummy 500 application.

If you people want to play a lot of games by adding your money inside this application, then a very good program has been given in it for you people, through which if you add your money,

Then you will get some percent extra on that too. Along with getting the bonus, you can add your money to it with a very easy process, you follow the following rules to add money

  1. Open the Rummy 500 Apk and Click Add Cash.
  2. Select the amount you want to add. On your first deposit, you will earn extra bonus.
  3. Make the payment through any of the available methods.
  4. The amount will be reflected in your Rummy 500 App wallet automatically.

Disclaimer: Do Not Add Money In These Types Of Rummy Or Teen Patti Apps. This Article Is Just For Information Purposes.

Refer And Earn offer in Rummy 500 Apk 

Every application user is given a special referral link in this application. When you copy this link and share it with your friends or relatives, and invite them to download the application, you will be given a very good bonus from the company absolutely free of cost on a successful invitation.

Not only this, people who do not know how to play games are earning thousands of rupees daily by using this referral program. You can also earn from ₹ 1000 to ₹ 2000 every day by using this program.

Then you can Refer And Earn this game application in your phone by following the steps given below;-

  1. First of all, open the App and click Refer and Earn.
  2. Share your referral link with your friends.
  3. Ask your friends to download the Rummy 500 Apk.
  4. Your friends will receive a ₹50 bonus.
  5. And you will earn a commission also

VIP Rewards in Rummy 500 Apk

Rummy 500 VIP privileges Rummy 500 VIP privileges

Dear Member: the VIP level is newly upgraded and the promotion rewards are not stopped. join VIP members immediately and billions of bonus are waiting for you to receive. The higher the level the more bonuses you can receive.

Claim Free Bonus Through VIP Bonus Features

If you want to take advantage of VIP bonus features, then first of all recharge your account with minimum ₹500. Your VIP membership account gets activated as soon as you recharge minimum ₹ 500 in your account.

After vip membership account activated you can get signin bonus weekly bonus monthly bonus and level bonus in this gaming application. You get up to ₹40000 free bonus every month.

How to Withdraw Money From Rummy 500 Apk

If you want to withdraw cash from here, you have to earn and deposit at least ₹100 in your wallet. After this you can redeem the cash by following the following steps.

  1. Go To Withdraw Option From Homepage.
  2. The Minimum Withdraw Amount Of Rummy 500 Is Rs.100
  3. Now Add Your Bank Account.
  4. Then Enter The ‘Withdrawal Amount‘ And Click The “Withdraw” button.
  5. you, Will, Receive Your Cash In Your Bank Account Instantly Or Within 24 Hours.

Customer Support

You can contact to direct customer care executive through customer support option features in this gaming application. In this gaming application you get the facility to talk to Tarak customer care executive through live chatting and email id.

DISCLAIMER:- This game involves financial risk. You may get addicted to this game. Therefore, all of you are requested to play this game on your own responsibility and at your own risk. If you are over 18 years old then you don’t play this game then you stay away from this game.

Note: इस गेम में वित्तीय जोखिम का एक तत्व शामिल है और इसकी लत लग सकती है। कृपया जिम्मेदारी से और अपने स्वयं के जोखिम पर ही इसे खेलें । पैसे जोड़ने से बचें, नुकसान के जिम्मेदार आप खुद होंगे |

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